So this is Christmas...// Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 20, 2012

Holy crap. We are only 6 days away from Christmas, which means we are pretty much down to the wire on online shopping. So if you haven't bought your best friend, sister, mom, girlfriend, wife a gift - this is is last chance for online shopping. Check out my list of recommended holiday goodies whether you're looking for gifts under $100 or ideas on what to splurge on - or if you're still crafting your own wish list.

Happy shopping :)
Under $100
7. Decorate - 1,000 Design Ideas For Every Room In Your  Home - Anthropologie ($35)


Most of the stores above have a time cut off of tomorrow to ship your gift in time for Christmas, but some are already requiring you pay for expedited shipping to make the big day. For smaller stores like - Furbish - I'd recommend calling before ordering to make sure it will make it in time.

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  1. Number 6 is by far my favorite! I love loose shirts that have cute details! Love the list and Merry Christmas!


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