Bedroom Makeover - Boho Rug

December 05, 2012

My room is coming along although it looks absolutely nothing like my original plans. Turns out I gravitate towards boho items. I have finally purchased a new ikat, bohemian rug from Lulu & Georgia. I love the color it brings to my room, and it was affordable! I was a little worried because it's an indoor/outdoor rug made from woven straw and recyclable plastic, but it's actually perfect. And, I won't have to vacuum it a lot which is a huge plus!

I am still working on my bedding, curtains and artwork (don't judge me), but here's a full look at the rug.

And some more rugs I love for different rooms in your house:

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  1. Aww, love this post!! Thanks for showing off some of Lulu & Georgia's rugs (I work there:))

    We would love to have you send us some pictures of the rug in your room for us to feature on our blog. Send them to if get a few minutes :)

    Great blog! xo


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