Winter Flea Market - Brooklyn, NY

December 16, 2012

When I first got into antiquing I had no idea what I was doing. I was in DC for the weekend and was wondering around Georgetown window shopping, and got pulled into a few antique shops. At this point, I didn't even know I liked antiquing. Flash forward a year or so, and I'm hooked.

Since I've been in NY for 6 months now, I can't believe that this weekend was my first trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market. It has been on my to-do list for a while after seeing it on CNN's list of America's Best Flea Markets. It's still on my list for the summer time, but it's cool place to visit during the winter as well. From now until March, the flea market moves inside of the old Williamsburg Savings Bank. The building itself really is beautiful with detailed ceilings and the old bank vault. See for yourself...

 The market is full of vintage clothes, jewelry, art and more, and I finally picked up a vanity tray! Post coming soon, but until then - these pictures will have to due for those of you not in NYC or willing to go to Brooklyn ;) 

I loved this because it reminds me of fashion photographer's, Guy Bourdin's work I saw the summer I lived in Paris. It's all fashion and scandal = LOVE.
I loved the cute polka dot glasses and the gold tray. Is it just me or does gold look fantastic with everything?

I love the idea of bringing an atler into interior design. Plus it helps that my boyfriend is an avid hunter. We made a deal last hunting season that he could go hunting 3 weekends in a row as long as he brought me back an antler. My antler at home moves from framing my lamp to my candles, but I loved the girly touch this one brings to the design.
Alright, so for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love Suzanis. Or as I've joked, "caught Suzani fever" (and the travel bug to get to Istanbul's Grand Bazaar) after reading Justina Blakeney's blog. These patterns are amazing and fun.

Alright, not going to lie, I am definitely experiencing buyer's remorse that I didn't bring this beautiful tray and glasses set home with me. And one up, regretting that I didn't even ask how much the set cost so I could justify once I got home that it's out of my budget. I love the green tray (plus emerald is pantone color of the year for 2013)  and the glasses are vintage and so elegant. 

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