Hump Day Home Makeover // Pattern Play with Josef Frank

October 03, 2012

This week's Hump Day Home Makeover will help you bring some pop to any room. This week I discovered Josef Frank. Yet another Austrian artist (Gustav Klimt being the first), whose work I love.

Who's Josef Frank? He was an Austrian architect, designer, painter, and founder of Swedish modernism, who produced over 200 patterns from 1909 to 1950. He was also a lover of botany, which I definitely think shows in his nature inspired, vine-like, modern designs. His patterns are fresh and different from a lot of patterns I've seen recently and work as the focal point to any room.

source -  fabric Aralia
source - fabric Teheran
source - wallpaper Paradiset
source - fabric Celon
So how can you get the look?

From what I've seen his textiles are pretty expensive, but luckily IKEA has picked up this Swedish modernism in many of their items...or you could splurge for the real thing. Here are some items I found, most of which are sold at Just Scandinavian:

Bold vine-like patterns are also popping up across the fashion world - as seen with Tibi's print - Belle.

Left -  Marie Anderson of Blame It On Fashion
Right - Hedvig Opshaug of The Northern Light. 
What do you think - Is a pop of pattern for your home, closet or both?

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  1. Hi Corbin!! Thanks for following me...i am a huge fan of your style and especially love your tufted headboard! It's on my to-do list!!
    x Courts


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