Columbus Day At Pawleys Island

October 08, 2012

This weekend I spent a much needed long weekend at the lovely Pawleys Island. Not only did we get to spend 2 days on the beach pretending it was still summer, but we also got to end every day with a beautiful sunset over the marsh.

Okay, but seriously, I cannot get enough of this place.

I know I'm now design obsessed, when I saw the pluff mud in the marsh and my first thought was how popular slate gray is now! ha.

If you are planning a trip to Pawley's Island, there a few things you can't miss (besides the sunset). Check out Seaview Inn for breakfast, Landolfi's for lunch, Outback at Franks and Chive Blossom for dinner - or if you're cooking at home - the Pawley's Island Seafood Market and vegetable stand on highway 17.

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