Rugs To Envy

April 18, 2014

I have been working hard to scan through every piece of inspiration I possibly can to decide on the decor for my new apartment's living room. I am visiting my sister and nephew this week in Virginia, and took some time on the plane over here to browse through my Domino home decor book. It takes you through the steps you need to be successful in decorating, which came in handy redecorating my sister's bedroom this week (pictures coming next week!), and getting me ready to outfit the apartment. Domino urges you to dig through inspiration and then establish a trend or theme. For me that was all over the place because I really like a bit of everything and every style. So I decided classic, but bohemian fit me best.

Next, they urge you to think about how you will use the space. For us, the living room will serve as the place we spend the majority of our time and act as a duel dining room (insert white couch conflict). It will have to serve a lot of purposes - be a place we'd feel proud to entertain guests in, but also be a 'kick your feet up on the coffee table' kind of room. I boiled the list down to some main themes we had to have:
A Neutral/Light Couch (even though I'm scared to deal we'll ruin it)
Natural Wood Pieces
Louis XVI Chairs
Gold Accents
Mix and Matched Patterned Pillows
A large sun loving plant
and an antique rug.

Which brings me to the serious antique rug envy I have going on that comes with inspiration hunting. There are some pretty amazing rugs out there, and it seems everyone buys amazing rugs from

Margaret Elizabeth

Smitten Studio

Wit & Delight 

Little Green Notebook

And now me! I picked out this rug this week, which is perfect timing for esalerugs's 50% off Easter Weekend sale. It's an awkward size for the living room as a runner, but I'm hoping to make it work even if I have to layer.  Isn't it lovely?


  1. Love the red, pink orange colors of the rugs. I think I see a trend...

    1. Yes, definitely! Love those colors.


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