Pattern Picking - Chinoiserie Chair DIY

April 11, 2014

It has been a lot of fun being in Atlanta this week during my off time between jobs. I am apartment hunting and day dreaming about decorating our apartment. Meanwhile, I finally got the chance to start my Chippendale chair redo I keep talking about, and I am going to need y'alls help picking fabrics! This picture has stuck in my head, and I ended up picking up red spray paint at Home Depot instead of a bright orange. I just love the glam bright red pop of color and how it mixes with a black background chinoiserie fabric.

So, far I have one coat of paint on the chair, and man they weren't kidding when they said rattan absorbs color. I'm guessing I'll need four cans to paint both chairs. Already, I am loving the color and can't wait for the finished product! 

Picking out just the right fabric is proving to be the hardest part, although ask me again once I've installed the seat...not sure where to start with that one since they didn't come with a seat board to reupholster. Here are some of the fabrics I'm trying to decide between. Let me know what you think!


  1. love them all! here are my favorites though:
    1. bottom left
    2. bottom middle
    3. middle center
    4. middle right
    (i think i like the contrasting ones best!)

    1. Love this. You literally just picked my favorites. I'm leaning towards middle center or middle bottom


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