Master of The White Couch

April 14, 2014

Happy Monday everyone. We had a very successful apartment hunting weekend, and have found a place to live in Midtown! Despite growing up in Atlanta, Midtown is not a part of the city either of us have ever lived in. Atlanta is such a driving city, and I am excited to keep somewhat of a pedestrian lifestyle I adopted in New York. Living in Midtown also means new restaurants and places to try, and a park within walking distance. CT is going to be heading to China in a few weeks and has given me full reign of decorating the apartment, and I cannot freaking wait. As you can imagine, my search for decorating inspiration is currently a full blown obsession. Our apartment will have dark hard wood floors and gray walls, which immediately leads me to light colors for the main piece of living room furniture, the couch. I absolutely love the look of a crisp white couch against patterned rugs, dark walls and flooring, who doesn't, but can't for the life of me understand how people keep the couches white. Even if a slipcover is involved or if a Tide to-go pin is kept in the side table drawer, I would (A) become a neurotic cleaning fanatic (B) have to institute a no-eating policy on the couch and (C) ultimately ruin it day 1. Guaranteed. Chances that CT/my mom will convince me a dark gray couch is needed...likely, but until then...does neutral count?
 This living room decorated by Grant K. Gibson has been a favorite of mine, mixing the antique rug, white couch, gold coffee tables and fiddle leaf fig. 


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