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April 10, 2014

I'm not really into the big music festivals like Burning Man or Coachella, but even someone who has no clue when these events happen can't avoid all of the fashion posts from publishing favorites. I can only assume that Coachella is nearing with all the buzz around festival gear, but for the life of me I couldn't even find the date of the festival on their aesthetically pleasing website. Embarrassing...maybe. The weekend-long camping concert festival assuming people just know when it is and so it doesn't need to be on their website? Likely. 

So this year, even though I told myself that Decor-Eat needed to be true to it's name and only feature decor and recipes causing me to put my one off fashion posts to the side...I just don't think I can help myself with this one. I love bohemian style, so the other day when I stumbled across this L.A. based jewelry maker, I had to share. While some of their pieces are totally meant for the festival goer like these ear cuffs -

Other pieces keep the earthly gems, stones and tribal look for a more subtle statement piece. I LOVE these wrap bracelets, the arrowhead necklace and gem rings.

The company is called Lux Divine Jewelry and was created by a husband and wife team. Jessica makes all of the jewelry herself in the U.S. and makes sure her stones and gems have a social responsible history - no child labor, etc.. You should really check out her full line of products, they are all absolutely beautiful.

Check out here store here.

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  1. You might also like Haati Chai. Also a U.S. based (Los Angeles) husband and wife team. A little more East Indian Bohemian than Lux.


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