Evans-Cucich House on P'Tree Battle

April 09, 2014

Having been away from Atlanta for 2 years, it's amazing how much construction has popped up all around the Buckhead area. The Buckhead bar demolition scene that's been a flatted piece of land since 2007, is finally now the booming framework of a new shopping and restaurant complex. A house that has sat vacant on Peachtree Battle for as long as I can remember, now has construction signs up and tarps covering pieces of the house.

 Growing up, this 1930s house designed by architect A.F.NEverett, had a mystique but eery feel to it with the house's tie to the KKK and rumors of secret tunnels. It's history, website: Atlanta Curbed, jokes doesn't "tend to sell homes." Today, the rare art deco facade is what's generating a lot of buzz among the large architectural and design community of Atlanta.

Over the past few years, the house has been toured by some of my friends and other curious Atlanta natives, who have talked about the poor state of the house. Chipped paint, holes in the walls and a musky smell are some of the obstacles the house renovators will face. The house has also been registered

Here's what the entry way used to look like. 
{photo from, Atlanta Architecture: Art Deco to Modern Classic, 1929-1959, by Robert M. Craig via jryanduffey.com}

{source - jryanduffey.com}
Art Deco detailing
{source- The Peak of Chic}

Detailing outside on the limestone
source -The Peak of Chic

The backyard is pretty insane especially for the house's prime location, so I had to share. 
 {source - atlanta curbed}

Last year, the house was purchased by what looks like a custom home group, who must be bringing the historic house back to life. I'm excited to see how the renovations turn out.


  1. I love this!! If only we could get a house and renovate it instead of our day jobs :/

    1. Crazy, right! The house totally has a creepy feel to it hoping the renovations help because the architecture is pretty. In December, I'm taking you to the Christmas house!


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