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February 03, 2014

It is amazing to me that the 45 degrees weather this weekend actually felt warm. When I lived in Atlanta, I would complain about 60 being cold. Not in New York, it hits 40 degrees and New Yorkers are out and about sporting shorts. Shorts! Somehow the weather this weekend tricked me into thinking it was time for spring cleaning, so I did a ridiculously deep cleanse of the apartment. Opening up windows, vacuuming, dusting, you name it. I cleaned it. I also tried out painting faux malachite on our kitchen table, which I’ll share later this week. I have yet to try giving up shampoo, but it’s coming. Turning out to be harder to take the plunge than I thought. Good news is, my expensive shampoo is almost out so that should be a good push.

Today, I wanted to share an interior designer from San Diego that I think has a true talent for mixing both old and new styles. I love that her design style feels rooted in traditional, but yet not stuck in the past. She uses some unique pieces of furniture to complete the look like a canopy day bed or a chaise lounge chair, and highlights the original craftsmanship where possible. See what I mean?

 I started reading her blog this weekend and was really impressed by this kitchen makeover she did for a couple in Solana Beach. I’ve always thought being an interior decorator would be a fun job, but very tough to hit someone else’s style so perfectly. This kitchen is a great example. 
The client’s request? 
He wanted modern and minimalistic, she wanted rustic and comfortable. 
This made me laugh when I read it because each quality seemed to contradict the other. 
But, I have to say she nailed it. 


Check out the rest of her portfolio at Amy Meier Design.

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