Hump Day Home Makeover - Kilim Rugs

January 29, 2014

First, I’m talking about ditching shampoo, and now these super bohemian rugs… maybe CT is warranted for calling me a hippie... This past weekend, the kilim rugs really caught my eye with their bold colors and patterns at the Brooklyn Flea Market. So much so, that I am still thinking about them 3 days later. 

When a piece of home d├ęcor is so bold I sometimes worry that I will get sick of it or that it will dictate a certain style that I will also get sick of. With today being hump day home makeover, I did some digging for some kilim rug inspiration, and think I’m even more obsessed with these rugs than before. And convinced that I have to have one. These rugs definitely make a statement and scream culture, class and spirit to me, but are also surprisingly versatile. My favorite combination is a orangey pink pattern with some dark accents in the print against a dark wood floor. The mix of colors lets the rug pop without overdoing the space. 

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  1. You definitely should get one. I wish I could have one now. I never really noticed rugs before recently and now that I do, I think the one in my living room is so ugly. Plus, why are rugs so darn expensive? Totally thinking about getting a new one too.

    1. They definitely are expensive. I lucked out with my current rugs getting them on sale on One Kings Lane or Lulu & Georgia . I didn't even ask the price on the rugs at the Brooklyn Flea, but might go back and check this weekend. Otherwise, I'll be scouting Etsy!

  2. How cool are those? Definitely give a nice pop of color in those neutral spaces :-)

    1. Agreed, I really love the first two spaces with the bright rug against the dark floor boards.


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