A Weekend in Austin: What To See & What To Eat

January 20, 2014

Austin has been on my list of cities to visit for a while after hearing rave reviews for its delicious food and hopping music scene. Over the holidays, part of our engagement was a surprise trip to Austin for restauranteering and music.


Magnolia Cafe
Meal: Breakfast
Address: 1920 S. Congress Avenue
Price Point: $

The concierge recommended Magnolia Cafe when we asked for a local brunch spot. This place was definitely a funky spot with jungle laminated tables and a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling. There was a wait to sit down and a steady flow of people, and once we had our food we could see why. We ordered the gingerbread pancakes and huevos rancheros. All of the food was delicious, and really affordable.

Meal: Dinner
Address: 801 South Lamar
Price Point: $$$

CT picked Uchi, an Asian Fusion restaurant, after seeing a review from Food & Wine. This was across the river from where we were staying downtown in a cute little bungalow. The food was seriously amazing!! The fish was extremely fresh and their dishes mixed unusual flavors we hadn't had before like tuna and goat cheese, yellow tail and cilantro and hamachi with Thai chili. We loved ordering small plates of sashimi, ceviche and rolls to taste a variety of flavors. I'd highly recommend this place, we loved it! Something else fun they do there is serve your sake in a box with it intentionally overflowing as it's traditionally served. 

Meal: Dinner
Address: 400A W. 2nd
Price Point: $$$

This was another restaurant that came from Food & Wine's list. CT and I are huge Mexican food fans, so this was a bit of a no-brainer. They had delicious drinks - my favorite with mezcal and ginger, a guacamole tasting, and really good tacos. I loved the large mural, installation lighting and over sized fiddle leaf fig trees in their decor too.

Food Trucks
Meal: Lunch
Address: S. 1st St.
Price Point: $

Food trucks are big in Austin. We went to Torchy Tacos in a food truck park for lunch one day and found quality food at a good price. We tried about 6 different tacos, the cheese dip and some Mexican Cola-Cola. Our favorite taco was the Green Chile Pork taco.

-- WHAT TO DO --

Shop in SOCO 
South Congress

The shopping area in SOCO is a mix of vintage and new clothing and antique shops. What was nice about the stores was that the clothing stores sold both guys' and girls' clothing. Our favorite antique store was Uncommon Objects, it was like a vintage Home Goods. We ended up getting two mounted antlers that I can't wait to put up. We also loved the men's store, Stag. 

 A concert is also a must while you're in Austin. Whether you go to an organized show or just hop in and out of bars on 6th Street. We were blown away by how much live-music there was on 6th Street. 

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