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February 28, 2014

There's a very small amount of automated mail I actually enjoy seeing show up in my inbox, and new restaurant openings is one of them. This week, I found out there's a new Standard Hotel in the East Village and with that, a new restaurant.

The Standard Grille in the Meatpacking district somehow became a go-to restaurant for CT and I for celebrating. We've celebrated his birthday and our 4 year anniversary there.

I live on the east side, so I'm very excited to hear that a new restaurant from the same group as one of my favorites is opening up in my neighborhood. Narcissa, will be another farm-to-table restaurant sourcing responsibly to hit New York and pulling produce and dairy products from hotelier Andre Balazs's farm Locusts-on-Hudson. Funny enough, the name of the restaurants comes from the very cow supplying their dairy products, Narcissa. 

California raised chef, John Fraser’s will bring a stylistic approach to roasting, rotisserie and slow-cooking that is getting quite a lot of buzz for the restaurant. I've been on a huge fennel kick recently, so I'm excited to see fennel interspersed throughout the menu. Toasted fennel cheesecake should be interesting! 

Here's what I've got on our must-have list:
Otisserie-Crisped Beets Bulgur Salad, Apples, Creamed Horseradish 
Raw Tuna Cucumber-Basil Water, Salsify, JalapeƱo Relish
Rotisserie-Grilled Sweet Potato Jerk Spices, Peppers, Tofu Aioli
Whole Rotisserie Branzino Fennel, Arugula, Soft Herb Vinaigrette
Lacquered Duck Breast Gingered Butternut Squash, Cranberries\
Toasted Fennel Cheesecake

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