Peacock Chairs - Hump Day Home Makeover

February 19, 2014

Well if I wasn't already sure that bohemian chic is my preferred style of home decor, my new obsession with peacock chairs confirmed it. I love that they bring intrigue and juxtaposition to make any room interesting and unique. As with any new piece of home d├ęcor I find on my wish list, I love to look into how the item came about. What era it's from, what country it's from.

As you might have guessed the peacock chair has a long history dating back to the age-old craft of basket weaving with wicker and rattan. It gained its popularity in the US and England during the Victoria Era in the 19th century coming from East Asia. In the 1960s and 70s, wicker made its way back into the spotlight as exotic and ostentatious peacock chairs hosting some of the entertainment industry's leading ladies in its lap. 

Stevie Nicks + Christine McVie

For today's Hump Day Home Makeover, I'm sharing how I would style this chair in a room to get a vintage rustic glam look.



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    1. Me too! I wish more flea markets had vintage peacock chairs.

  2. Hello Corbin...
    I really enjoy reading your blog. It would mean a lot if you check and follow mine if you like.
    xoxo Nika

  3. That's so crazy, I was recently doing research on peacock chairs because I was helping someone identify a piece they had. It turned out to be an original design made of wood and inspired by the peacock chair. It was very cool looking.


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