You Are What You Eat

March 03, 2014

Today I started something I never do. 
A diet. 
Diets are always really hard for me to even decide to try - chalk it up to no self control and a love for Mexican food. The other day I decided to start a 30 Day Paleo Challenge on whim after finding a great blog, Robin's Sweet Confessions, with step by step guidelines to follow. I've been wanting to get back in shape for a while now and was just looking for the motivation. Unlike other diets, Paleo is packed with protein giving you the fuel you need for a worthwhile workout. What I liked about Robin's 30 day challenge was that she gives you ideas for each meal of the day including snacks and pairs them with workout videos. The meals also don't totally feel like you're dieting. You get to eat a big breakfast. 

The Paleo Diet has a reputation for being the "cave man" diet.  It mimics the food groups of our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors with modern foods. And boasts improving your health, minimizing your risk of chronic disease and losing weight. It's high in protein and fiber and low in carbohydrates. 

Day 1 consisted of a big breakfast - eggs, bacon and avocado, a honestly gross lunch - tuna mixed with avocado, an apple with sunflower butter snack and a grilled chicken, spinach and onion dinner. The tuna and avocado dish is on the menu for Wednesday's lunch again, but I will definitely be trying something else. Has anyone tried Paleo, have any good recipes to share?


  1. Check out - she's adorable, a good family friend, and knows her stuff when it comes to all things paleo (yummy treats too). Best of luck!


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