Weekend Snapshot - Pawleys Island

June 04, 2012

Well as if Monday's aren't hard enough, it's raining and I'm no longer sitting on the beach sipping a margarita with a book in hand. I guess these pics from the weekend will have to do to tide me over until the next. But hey, that's what weekend snapshots are for right? After a 6 hour drive to Pawley's Island, SC, we spent the day on the beach, ate Landolfi's for lunch, watched the sunset over the marsh and ate dinner at Chive Blossom.

sunset watching necessities 
olive and garlic tapenade {cibo naturals}| crackers {carr's}| wine glasses {riedel}

wine gel tote {amazon}
Ramey Chardonnay 

And since I will be in beach mode all this week (yes I am going to milk it for as long as possible) - This week's Hump Day Home Makeover will be a beach edition! Sneak peak at what's to come on Wednesday:

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