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June 08, 2012

Has anyone been to Zara recently? I've been really impressed by the style of clothes they have right now that you can wear anytime of the day. They've got a lot of bright colors, and they've been able to pull off florals that don't look like something only your mom would wear. The only downfall is that their jewelry selection is pretty limited. If you're looking for a weekend outfit try some of the items below - all outfits are pretty much a one-stop shop to Zara except for the jewelry.

To my Atlanta friends - There's a Zara and Urban at Lenox and Perimeter Mall.

bag {zara}
dress {zara}
sunglasses {zara}
sandals {zara}

clutch {zara}
dress {zara}
earrings {urban outfitters}
heels {zara}

earrings {urban outfitters}
clutch {zara}
dress {zara}
heels {zara}

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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  1. this floral dress is beautifull!



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