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June 21, 2012

After the past week of vacation in Dominical, Costa Rica, I did not want to come back to the US. A group of friends and I rented a house, went deep sea fishing, and explored the town and market, beaches, and food. It was such an amazing vacation that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a real escape and break (but you've gotta power down your iphone and put your TV rituals on hold - trust me it's worth it). Here are some of my favorites from the trip. Can't you see where the Pura Vida comes from??

Playa Dominical
the market in Dominical

sarongs at the market - I thought these would be really cool as throws

necklace at the market

new bracelets from the market

playa dominical - image for sale on etsy:

homemade ceviche with swordfish

handmade veggie rice paper spring rolls

waterfall outside of dominical - the locals showed us this place so i'm not 100% where is was
playa dominicalito at sunset - image for sale on etsy:

dancer pose on playa dominicalito

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