Birthday Weekend Fun

May 14, 2012

My birthday was this weekend, and my sister flew into town to surprise me! Which meant this weekend was filled with a lot of shopping, great new additions to my closet and apartment, and quality time with friends and family.
1. Blue blouse @ Zara | 2. Graphic floral bday dress @ Zara
3. Lace tops @ Zara (seeing a trend? I LOVE the Spring collection @ Zara) 4. Ann Taylor dress
5. Floral dress @Anthropologie | 6. A Safari look from Anthropologie (dress)
7. The cutest dog in the world | 8.My Leigh Viner prints finally came!
9. A great gift from a friend :) | 10. Bday celebrations
11. Earrings from Festivity from my sister | 12. Leigh Viner print obsession #2

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