Ditch Neutrals & Play with Unexpected Color

September 26, 2014

When I first started planning out the decor for our new apartment, I was set on a bright white and airy space with lots of neutrals and pop of color accents like Jen Ramos from MadebyGirl's Las Vegas home. I had trekked around Atlanta and narrowed the fabric for my couch down to three different beiges. Flash forward to the ADAC sample sale, and I was the proud owner of a new couch...a navy couch. Oops.

So, when one of my favorite sites for curated antique and decor hunting (you can buy and sell online with other design lovers!), Chairish, reached out to me to share what inspires my unique color combination, I was really excited to share what I learned.

My inspiration for the room really came from the couch that challenged me to think about what colors would look great with navy and bring a calm and serene feel to my home. I did A LOT of playing around with different color combos like persimmon and pink to really find what I liked together. I paired the navy couch with a gray rug overlaid with a light cowhide to brighten the room but keep the relaxed feel I wanted.

Adding bold colors to your house can really be tough to not overpower or make the room look disjointed. I loved the color couple Chairish shared of Peacock and Dove, and had to take a stab at creating a room like this for myself. I am seriously thinking about adding some teal to our living room. Teal is a color I'm shocked I didn't explore initially, but one that I think really amps up the room to make it feel more glamorous.

What do you think?

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  1. Eeekkk, absolutely love the navy sofa. I'm going crazy over anything in the realm of a blue hue right now. I'm definitely a fan of the look! xx

    1. I am loving my blue sofa. Such a great color and doesn't show wear!


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