Hump Day Home Makeover // Bedroom

April 25, 2012

Being that today is hump day, I'm taking it a step further and starting my very first Hump Day Home Makeover post. Knowing from experience that it's hard to get that motivation or to find the right style inspiration to redo a room in your house, every Wednesday I'll be posting my favorite room image for the week along with the pieces you need to make that look happen in your home.

To start of this week, I picked the bedroom below, because I am currently obsessed with ikat and this room is pretty much my ideal bedroom at the moment. This entire room came from a store in Australia, and it unfortunately does not ship to the U.S. or have this ikat duvet cover in stock (sorry for the tease, but come on this room is too beautiful not to share). Check out how to get the look below with similar items.


Get the look:

insouciant fashion illustration art print - Leigh Viner Etsy
current fashion illustration art print -  Leigh Viner Etsy
ljusas uvas table lamp, white - Ikea (did you guess right?)
bamboo brass glass table - Avid Home
camden tufted bed - Ballard Designs
storm gray on white chevron decorative pillow - Etsy
bright blue silk ikat pillow - The Foundary 
flamingo pillow cover - West Elm

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