Farm-To-Table Frenzy

November 20, 2013

I spent the past weekend in San Francisco visiting my best friend from college and celebrating her engagement. On Saturday, we walked a short few blocks from her Financial District Apartment to The Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. I live close to Farmer's Market in Union Square in New York, so I was expecting this market to be much like the one at home. Let me just say, California doesn't get its reputation for being healthy and green for nothing. I was totally blown away by the amount of fresh producel, fruit, seafood, and earth-friendly eat ware. Everything seemed to be compostable and plastic bags were not an option, which I loved. We had the most amazing lox on sourdough with fennel, capers and pickled onions, and I came back convinced I must have a rosemary plant much like the one of my friends balcony.

Today, Mashable posted a video about a fast-food chain called Sweet Green that I wanted to share. The company was started by a few entrepreneurs who saw a need for fresh and healthy food during their time at Georgetown in DC and started up the company. The built the company on lifestyle offering good music, healthy food and a fresh outlook. I really respect the type of food these three friends turned business partners are offering. They are now up to 21 locations offering farm-to-table food from local farms and change up their menu based upon seasons like fancier restaurants. From a Marketing standpoint, they are doing a killer job. It’s hard not to like or identify with a brand that’s culturally relevant and funny.

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