A New York Weekend

November 15, 2013

My family and I used to plan a yearly trip to New York in December for a weekend full of Broadway Musicals, trendy restaurants, and well, winter. It’s no secret that Hotlanta isn't a winter wonderland, and heading up to New York every year for the holidays was the perfect fix. Now that I've been in New York for over a year and half when my family comes to visit they want me to show them the ‘real’ New York. In the past few months out of town guests have been such a treat, but continuing to find new places can get tough! 
So where did I take them?

Brooklyn has really done a number on its reputation since its SATC days as a place no taxi would take you or a place that Miranda’s friends would visit. Thanks hipsters. So this weekend, CT and I took my Mom and Dad to Bedford Ave to do something a little different than their previous trips. We had brunch at Sweet Chick and walked around popping in and out of shops along the way. We also tried out Brooklyn Oenology Winery Tasting Room and went to the top of the Wythe Hotel for a cocktail and city view.

What To Order At Sweet Chick – 100% Chicken ‘N Waffles and French Press Coffee
What To Order At Brooklyn Oenology – Red or White Social Club
What To Order At The Wythe – Dirty Martini or A Moscow Mule

Dinner was one of the hardest things for me to choose. I had made the mistake of waiting too long to make a reservation at the usual suspects  - The Standard Grill, Spice Market or Catch –  and wanted to try somewhere new. Since moving here, I have not made it to Rosemary’s in the West Village. If you aren't familiar with Rosemary’s it’s an Italian farm-to-table or roof-to-table in this case that doesn't take reservations and is continuously packed. After this weekend, I can see why. The food is too die for!!

How To Get In:
 If you don’t mind eating early, I’d recommend getting there at 6. If you don’t mind standing (their bar has tables but no seats) you can get there at 7 and be sat by 8 or 8:30.

What To Order: 
This is tough. Everything was really good, but I’d have to say the Orecchiette with broccoli rabe and homemade sausage. We tasted two different reds to find the right pairing for this and the Frem was the perfect match.

Sunday we mixed brunch at Gramercy Tavern with a Broadway Matinee. Gramercy Tavern my Dad and I actually discovered right around the time I moved up and we can’t get away. The doors open at noon and there is always a line waiting to get in, it’s that good. The food is complex and seasonal so you really can’t go wrong with what you order. On Broadway, we scored tickets to Newsies. I have heard a lot about Newsies being a Tony Award Winner, and it didn't disappoint. I loved that the story was based on a true Newspaper Strike from 1899, and the cast was on. 

Do you have go-tos for out of town visitors?

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