Deck Your Nails - Holiday Style

December 22, 2014

I love the holiday time and this year made a point to soak up every second of it. We put our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving and started playing Christmas music just as early. So when Julep reached out to me to share how I deck my nails and outfit for the holidays I had to share. I love how the holidays and particularly New Years are the perfect excuse for metallic, glitter and sequins. I painted my nails white and added glittery gold in an arch on the nail beds. I'm obsessed with the look, and it was really easy to do. You just paint the white base first and add the gold with a french tip art guide or by hand. What You'll Need: Andrea, Brigitte, Base Coat, Top Coat.

Why'd I pick white and gold? It's my favorite pairing and can go with any outfit over the holidays. Here are some of my favorite metallic looks.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Want some more color for your holiday manicure? Check out this tutorial from Julep that inspired the gold glittered nail beds in my nail look.


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