What's In My Summer Suitcase

August 18, 2014

With so much traveling this month, I am getting really good at my go-tos for summer trips. Since I am also traveling for work, my large black purse that also fits my lap top is a huge staple piece for me. I seem to always have a printed dress with short or no sleeves tucked into my bag for nights out. Next, on my list is coral/pink blush and a fan brush. The fan brush let's you apply the blush right on your cheekbones for the right amount of color. A fedora is something I actually haven't brought on a trip yet, but after being in Chicago where I think three out of my six friends had one I think I'll have to add this to the list. It's a easy way to keep sun out of your face when you're touring around. I won't lie those, these are a pain to pack, so carry it on the plane with you. A pair of cut off jeans shorts are my go-to for casual touring around a city that you can wear with a cute top or as a cover up over a bathing. This white bathing suit, I LOVE with it's ruffled top and simple bottoms.

Have you been on-the-go this summer? What are your go tos?

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