Seating Options For Small Spaces

May 29, 2014


One of my main challenges in decorating our new apartment has been trying to find a way to add seating in the living room without adding cluttering. The new apartment is definitely bigger than my New York apartment, but for Atlanta standards it's small. We chose a bigger kitchen with a bar counter top into the living room over a larger living room. Our coffee table is low to the ground, so it is also serving as a makeshift dining table.

Before the rugs arrived, I moved our antique runner rug into the living room.
The "u" shape of the coffee table makes it perfect for storing low to the ground seating out of the way until it's needed.

Sean Michael Design

A small flat cushion or bean bag are a great option for extra seating without over taking the space.

Get the look:

1. Furbish Studio - Black and White Dotted Pillows
2. ACHLA Designs - Bell Jar Terrarium III 
3. Target - Threshold Arc Lamp
4. Home Decorators - Porter Arm Sofa
5. Urban Outfitters - Amethyst Geode
6. Furbish Studio - Blue Ikat Euro Pillow
8. Bean Bag Boss – Bean Bag Chair
9. EsalesRug - Liliyan Persian Rug


  1. I really love the first picture with the ottomans to the front of the coffee table. Can be for extra seating or a place to prop your feet-especially since you are using the coffee table for eating :)

    1. Yes, I love those too! You can keep them under the coffee table when you're not using them and then slide them out when you want them. We could definitely use some places to prop our feet too.


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